Everything you need to sell your house

When it comes to selling houses, most people get hesitant about this slow and tiring process. While a few basic tips could make it smoother and simpler. The first thing to start with before posting your offer is to completely prepare everything about your property. HOW? Take off everything personnalized. No personal photos or paintings reflecting a certain ideology, religion or beliefs are authorized. Let the client get comfortable in the piece to conceive his style, furniture and life in your house.

Don’t forget to take away the furniture if you want to sell my house fast. Your sofa, chairs and beds will do nothing but confuse the buyer. Unfurnished pieces always appear vaster and comfier. Think about making some renovation, a new fresh paint is always desired, it gives a cool extra to your property. Always opt for neutral shades; grey, beige, white… Avoid bright and flashy colors. Simple improvements matter and could have a huge effect on the client. Keep it simple, refined and classy to rise your bottom line. Now that the house is ready, move to the exterior. Of course this is the first thing to fascinate and captivate the attention of the buyer. If you have a messy tired garden, sad wall colors and an old exterior door, no one will even walk through the door. So, the appearence of your property is very important. Think then about a total makeover for your garden, new colourful flowers and beautiful-shaped trees. Also paint the doors and windows frames just to make the front presentable.

The next step to do is engage a professional to organize and photograph your house. Pictures are critical because they highlight its strong points and soften its imperfections as seen from the client’s angle for sure. In case you don’t have money to hire a professional, you can do it yourself. BUT, pictures should be taken by an excellent camera and make sure there is enough light to have high-quality pictures.

Next step, spread the information. Post on social media, print it on papers, prepare ads on newspapers… Time is also very important, opt for spring and fall. This is when people want to move and look for houses. Winter is very cold for moving, and summer is holidays and fun time.

When it comes to setting the price, be careful!! Don’t overprice. Be realistic and compare your property’s value to the market. Enquire about similar houses and ask professional for advice. When you have the norm, apply a strategy. Why not the charm pricing; 499.999$ sounds better than 500.00$. What you have to do is to target the psychology of the buyer.

Another strategy for selling your house quickly is to set a program to adjust the price. You could start with a high price but you should know when to lower it. Neither too fast nor too slowly. Set a date, for example be ready from the beginning to slower your price every two weeks. It’s just a matter of producing the sale quickly.