Hiring a criminal lawyer

How much should you spend on a criminal lawyer? At first glance, this looks like a very simple question. I could have quoted a price say,$200. But this is not the case. Different lawyers will require to be paid differently. These will depend on some factors such as your level of income. In this article, we will guide you in determining the cost of a criminal lawyer. We will not quote a specific price but we will give the factors to be used in determining the cost of a lawyer.

The level of experience of the lawyer.

The expertise of the lawyer at Amircani Law is a key determinant in the amount to pay him. That is the knowledge about the statute laws and the court proceedings give the lawyer an added advantage in any criminal case. Therefore, before hiring any lawyer, the one needs to look at his or her profile. The more decorated criminal lawyers are better placed to pursue cases to the very last stages.

The nature of the case

There are different types of criminal cases. They range from the less serious cases to the more complicated once and serious. Felony and murder cases attract more paperwork and require more input to be able to put up a spirited lawsuit. The other case including trespassing economical cases are less demanding and therefore attract less financial constraint from the dependents sides.

Defendant’s income

The court decides the level of the dependent’s income in order to determine if the dependent’s income is in a position to meet the costs. If the income is less than the court will issue a government attorney to take care of the case .Otherwise the dependent can hire a private criminal lawyer to take care of his cases .the advantage of private lawyers is the manner in which they perform their work with dignity to achieve the objectives of the case in the shortest time possible.

The complexity of the legal issues in the case

The legal procedures of criminal cases are well defined in the constitution of each country. The constitution being the body that governs how the state carries out its functions, the court always needs to define how each case should be handled .therefore, the more complicated a case is the more than a lawyer would ask to represent one in a court of law.


Many criminal cases require lengthy investigation into the matter. Lawyers and the prosecutors know that in order to determine the truth and the absolute truth evidence is key. Each side of the divide would carry out an extensive investigation into the matter. This is not just time-consuming but also requires a strong financial base .a lawyer in a criminal law case would look into such matters and determine the amount to be charged in the long run.

The question of how much should be spent on hiring a criminal lawyer is determined by many factors and one cannot just quote a value without looking critically into these factors. Therefore for as long as there is a criminal case to be heard in a court of money has to be spent in equal measure to the nature of the case.