Psychic Readings

Psychic reading is a process of getting information by using senses other than sight, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting. The ability to make psychic readings is not common to every individual although enthusiasts have alleged that everybody has the potential to detect psychic stimulants in their environments. People with the abilities are said to have “the sight” and people pay fortune tellers or psychic readers to help them get this information.

There are several theories on how can a psychic reading help you. It is believed that the spirits of loved ones are willing to communicate from the spirit realm so, these readings can help communicate with a lost one. However, the major reason why people pay psychics is to help make the best out of life. The idea of navigating through life with help from a metaphysical realm is comforting to many individuals. There are several modes of psychic readings at which involve communications with the stars, specials reading cards and many more.

The ability to see; Clairvoyance, hear; clairaudience, feel; clairsentience, know; claircognizance and hear; clairaudience things in the metaphysical realm is the primary requirement to become a psychic. Most psychics possess only one of these abilities but the really gifted ones have all. These are some of the individuals that have a large following and have released several materials on how a psychic reading can help you

Some types of Psychic Readings are;
• Palm Reading: This is perhaps the most popular type of psychic reading practiced in the world today. It involves physical contact as the psychic translates the shape, lines, and wrinkles on the hand. It is a practice that can be studied; Palmistry so it does not require any special abilities.

• Crystal Gazing: Another popular type of reading that involves looking at a crystal ball; the crystal ball used is usually a quartz ball. In the early years of these practices, crystal gazers were often referred to as witches. Even today, they are still sometimes called gypsies, a term meant to be offensive.

• Astrology: this reading involves the influence of stars, moons and other celestial bodies on the lives of individuals. This is probably the branch that receives the least discrimination. It is believed that the shape, position and movements of the stars when an individual is born to determine their behavior and luck. Today, several astrological predictions are made and published via several media.

• Reading of Aura: It is believed that there is an energy field that surrounds every individual. To understand the aura, imagine that there is an invisible halo around the head which can only be discerned by people with special psychic abilities.
Some other examples of the types of psychic readings include Psychometry, Card Reading, Distant Reading, and Cleromancy. Psychic readings have divided the entire human population into skeptics and believers. A lot of believers claim that psychics give accurate information but a large number of people believe that the entire institution of psychic readings is a scam. Like magic, skeptics believe that the claims of psychics are false and the information delivered is obtained by careful observation or fraudulent means. In more intolerant regions, people with psychic abilities are punished or killed.